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Recommended Reading

Training Books

The Truth About Dogs - Stephen Budiansky
Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence - Carol Lea Benjamin
Purely Positive Training - Sheila Booth
Smart Dogs Brilliant Trainers - Janet Lewis
Steppin' Up To Success - Terri Arnold
Don't Shoot The Dog - Karen Pryor
The Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson
Beyond Basic Dog Training Update Ed. - Diane L. Bauman
Beyond Basic Dog Training: The Workbook - Diane L. Bauman, Kathy Santo, Dee Zurburg
Clicker Training for Obedience: Shaping Top Performance-Positively - Morgan Spector
Clicker Training for Dogs - Karen Pryor
The Toolbox - Terry Ryan
Schutzhund, Training in Drive - Sheila Booth Any of the 'Monks of New Sketes' books

Breed Books

The Beginner's Doberman Pinscher - the DPCA
The Doberman Pinscher: Brains and Beauty - Joanna Walker
The New Doberman Pinscher - Joanna Walker
The Book of the Doberman Pinscher - Joan McDonald Brearley
Doberman Pinscher - Louise Ziegler Spirer,Woodrow Kermann,Woodrow Kerfmann
A New Owner's Guide to Doberman Pinschers - Faye Strauss
The World Of The Doberman Pinscher - Anna Katherine Nicholas
The Doberman Pinscher - William Schmidt (advanced reading)
The Doberman Pinscher in America - William Schmidt (advanced reading)
The Dobermann Pinscher: History and Development of the Breed - Philipp Gruenig (advanced reading)

■ Health Issues ~ Doberman Specific & General
■ Rescue Organizations, Information & Financial Assistance
■ Training ~ General & Obedience/Agility
■ Breeding & Doberman Buying Guide
■ Food & Other Information


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