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Homemade Dog Treats
Kong Recipes ~ Click on "Tips and Advise" Recipes
Dog Food Comparison Charts
What's Really in Pet Food by the API
Selecting a Commercial Pet Food by the API
Is Raw Safe?
How safe is a raw diet?
Is Commercial Dog Food making your dog sick?
FDA: 41 brands of dog food contain anesthetizing agent
Dog Feeding Info ~ excellent site
Copper Content in Dog Foods
2009 Whole Dog Journal's Approved Foods
The Pet Food List ~ Food Recall Resource

Perscription Diets

Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
Purina Veterinary Diets

Other Information

DPCA Judges Education Home Page
DPCA Chapter Clubs by State - A thru L
DPCA Chapter Clubs by State - M thru W
Facts About Albino Dobermans
American Kennel Club
How To Dremel Dog Nails
Doberman Dog Clubs and Animal Related Sites
DoberWorld-L (E-mail List)
DoberWorld Links ~ A Wealth of Information
On the Brink of Disaster - Two Males Living Together
Dober 'Toons
Doberman Wardog Memorial Page
Purdue University - Links Page
Fido Friendly
People With Pets ~ Apartments that take pets
Pets Welcome ~ List of pet friendly places
Travel Pets ~ List of pet friendly places
Pets On The Go ~ List of pet friendly places
Locate a Doggie Day Care Center
Omaha Vaccine Company ~ Animal Care Products
Waggin' Tails Pet Essential ~ Full line of pet products
UPCO Pet Supplies ~ Full line of pet products
Pet Loss Grief Support Website
What Animals Teach Us about Death, Dying and Beyond
Rainbow Bridge Website
Christmas at Rainbow Bridge

■ Health Issues ~ Doberman Specific & General
■ Rescue Organizations, Information & Financial Assistance
■ Training ~ General & Obedience/Agility
■ Breeding & Doberman Buying Guide
■ Recommended Books


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