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DPCA Breeders Education
To Breed or Not To Breed?
So You Want To Use Your Dog At Stud
So You Want To Use Your Dog At Stud - Lehigh Valley K.C.
So You Want to be a Breeder?
Comparison of: Hobby Breeders & Backyard Breeders
Long Distance Buying
What is a Responsible Breeder
AKC - Doberman Pinscher Standard
Evaluating the Doberman Puppy by Marge Kilburn
What is a Breeder
Breeder Vet ~ an excellent site
Cost of A Litter ~ PFD File
Virtual Breeding
Color Genetics in the Doberman

Doberman Buying Guides

Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) ~ Breeder Referral
Dog Breed Info Center
Dealing with Reputable Breeders
Buying a Doberman Pinscher Guidelines
UDC Dobe Puppy Buyer's Guide
Is a Doberman the Right Breed For Me?

■ Health Issues ~ Doberman Specific & General
■ Rescue Organizations, Information & Financial Assistance
■ Training ~ General & Obedience/Agility
■ Food & Other Information
■ Recommended Books


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