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General Training

Puppy Aptitude Test
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
Canine Temperament Testing
Therapy Dogs International (TDI)
Working Dogs, Cyberzine ~ International Magazine
Canine Good Citizen Test
United States Dog Agility Association
American Dog Owners Association
American Dog Trainers Network
National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
International Association of Canine Professionals
American College of Veterinary Behaviorists ~ Board Certified
List of Behaviorists/Trainers
Conformation Training Tips ~ Michelle Santana
Training Articles by Suzanne Clothier ~ Outstanding Website
Pet Behavior Information and Advise ~ Outstanding Website
He Just Wants to Say 'HI ~ Suzanne Clothier
Puppy Biting/Nipping/Rough Play
Puppy Nipping/Chewing
Attitude Adjustment Program ~ Suzanne Clothier
How to Love Your Dog - Nothing in Life is Free
Critical Behaviour Periods ~ from Clarence J. Pfaffenberger, The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior
Critical Periods in Puppies Growth
Critical Periods ~ Birth to 4 yrs of age
Critical Development Stages of a Puppy ~ Part I
Critical Development Stages of a Puppy ~ Part II
Housebreaking Your New Puppy
A Practitioner's Guide to Housebreaking Puppies
Housetraining Your Puppy ~ PDF File
Crate Training
Crate Training Your Dog ~ PDF file
What is Crate Training?
Who's In Charge Here - Lesson in Becoming Alpha
Talking Dog: Body Language
(Potential) Behavior Problems
Dealing With Dominance In Dogs ~ PDF File
Dominant Dogs
How to Interpret Your Dog's Body Language
Training With the Prong Collar ~ Suzanne Clothier
Tellington TTouch
Separation Anxiety
Dr. P's Dog Training ~ (Potential) Behavior Problems

Obedience Training & Agility

Agility Glossary ~ Noni Palmer
Dog Logic - Attention Training
Clicker Solutions ~ Training Articles
Clicker Animal Training
Clicker Train.Com
Clicker Training ~ Karen Pryor
Click and Treat Training ~ Gary Wilkes
Dr. P's Dog Training - Obedience
Detailed Obedience Training ~ Wendy Jordan (aka Maggie) - PDF File
Dog Commands in Different Languages

■ Health Issues ~ Doberman Specific & General
■ Rescue Organizations, Information and Financial Assistance
■ Breeding & Doberman Buying Guide
■ Food & Other Information
■ Recommended Books


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