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Corner Photo Album

How to Post Pictures

Click on How to Upload Images and follow the directions given there.

To add Smilies to your posts

If you use the WYSIWYG Editor: First, RIGHT mouse click on the smilie you want.
You will get a menu - select COPY. Move your curser to the body of the message
and click there, then either RIGHT mouse click again and select PASTE
or go to Edit and PASTE. That will put the smilie into your post directly.

If you are NOT using the WYSIWYG Editor: All you need to do to get the
smilies into your posts is to click on them and the link will be inserted.
You will not see the image until you post the message with this format.

To add/change your personalized photo

First, click this link: To add Personal Photo
Next, under "Edit Account Settings" you will see a link to "Personal Photo" - click on that.
You will need to have the photo on your hard-drive, click on "Browse" and find it.
Then click on "Upload".

Tip: Try and have a photo that is pretty much square as that is the way it shows up.
If it is not square, the picture will be distorted.

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