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Agility Glossary
by Noni Palmer

AKC (American Kennel Club) ~ Pure bred dogs only
USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association)
NADAC (North American Dog Agility Club)
CPE (Canine Performance Events)

AKC Standard: A timed sequence of Jumps, Tunnels, Contact Obstacles, Weaves,Table
AKC Jumpers with Weaves: A timed sequence of Jumps. Tunnels, Weaves
USDAA Standard: Similar to AKC Standard
USDAA Jumpers: Similar to AKC Jumpers
NADAC Regular: Similar to AKC Standard without Table
NADAC Jumpers: Similar to AKC Jumpers without Weaves
USDAA Gamblers: Tests handlers skills at distance handling and strategic planning. Gamblers is a timed game divided into opening and closing sequences. In the opening sequence, the handler chooses obstacles of differing value, attempting to maximize points and to be in a strategic position when the whistle for the closing sequence blows. Then the dog must cross gamble line and complete a sequence at a lateral distance from handler, who must not touch or cross the gamble line. To qualify the dog must complete all the gamble sequence of obstacles within specified time. The object is to accumulate as many points as possible in the opening sequence and to complete the gamble in the time allowed.
NADAC Gamblers: Similar now to USDAA Gamblers, but rules and titling to change January 2005.
USDAA Snooker: Tests handlers strategy, skills and versatility in handling. A timed game divided into opening and closing sequences: In opening sequence A red jump is first, followed by another obstacle(s) chosen by handler, which have had colors and points assigned, then another red jump, colored, red jump, colored, then the sequence of obstacles assigned point values from 2 to 7. Object is to accumulate as many points as possible in the time allowed. At least 37 points are required to qualify.
USDAA Pairs Relay: Each pair of a pairs team completes one half of a standard course, passing a baton to team member at half way point.
NADAC Tunnelers: A game consisting only of tunnels
NADAC Touch and Go: A game consisting of contact obstacles and tunnels
NADAC Weavers: A game consisting of Weaves and tunnels
CPE: Standard classes similar to AKC; Six games divided into Strategy Games, Handler Games and Fun Games. Three of the games are similar to USDAA Jumpers, Snooker and Gamblers.

LEVELS: Each higher level requires more obstacles, faster times, fewer faults and more challenges which may take the form of traps or discriminations. NADAC emphasizes speed, AKC accuracy, USDAA requires a balance of speed with accuracy. CPE has 5 levels rather than the three in other venues. Level 1 Sub Novice without teeter and weaves. Level 2 similar to Novice. Level 3 similar to Open. Levels 4 and 5 similar to Elite/ Excellent/Masters in other venues.

AKC Levels: Novice, Open, Excellent A, Excellent B
Three Qualifying runs for title up to Excellent B then ten required. Masters Agility trial Champion requires 20 double Q's ( both runs on trial date must be qualifying) plus 750 speed points. Multiple MACHS may be earned.

AKC Titles:
NA ~ (Novice Agility)
OA ~ (Open Agility)
AX ~ (Excellent Agility)
MX ~ ( Masters Agility)

NAJ ~ (Novice Jumper)
OAJ ~ (Open Jumper)
AXJ ~ (Excellent Jumper)
MXJ ~ (Masters Jumper)

MACH ~ (Masters Agility Champion)

USDAA Levels: Starters, Advanced, Masters
Move up to Advanced from Starters requires either AD title or individual titles in Standard and Games. Move up to Master's requires either the AAD title or individual move ups in Standard and each game as that title is acquired. Three of the Snooker Q's for Masters Snookers title must be Super Q's which fall within the top 15% of qualifying runs for that day . ADCH, Agility Dog Champion requires 7 Q's in Master's Standard and as well as the Masters Jumpers, Gamblers, Pairs Relay and Snooker titles. Those dogs not attaining MAD title by Jan , 2005 will require 5 tournament Q's and 5 rather than 7 Master's Standard Q's for ADCH

USDAA Titles and Requirements:
AD ~ (Agility Dog) 3 standard Q's plus 1 Q in each of 4 games
SSA ~ (Starters Standard Agility) 3 Standard Starters Q's
SJ ~ (Starters Jumper) 3 Starters Jumpers Q's
SG ~ (Starters Gamblers) 3 Starters Gamblers Q's
SS ~ (Starters Snooker) 3 Starters Snookers Q's
SR ~ (Starters Relay) 3 Starters Relay Q's
AAD ~ (Advanced Agility Dog) 3 Advanced Standard Q's plus 1 Q in each game
ASA ~ (Advanced Standard Agility) 3 Advanced Standard Q's
AJ ~ ( Advanced Jumper) 3 Advanced Jumpers Q's
AS ~ ( Advanced Snooker) 3 Advanced Snookers Q's
AG ~ ( Advanced Gambler) 3 Advanced Gambler's Q's
AR ~ (Advanced Relay) 3 Advanced Relay Q's
MAD ~ (Masters Agility Dog) 5 Masters Standard Q's plus 1 Q in each Master's game
SAM ~ (Standard Agility Master) 5 Standard Masters Q's
JM ~ (Jumpers Master) 5 Masters Jumpers Q's
SM ~ (Snookers Master) 5 Masters Snookers Q's, including 3 Super Q's See Above
GM ~ (Gamblers Master) 5 Masters Gamblers Q's
RM ~ (Relay Master) 5 Masters Relay Q's
TM ~ (Tournament Master) 5 tournament Q's including 1 in each of the 3 tournaments
ADCH ~ (Agility Dog Champion) See Above

NADAC Levels: Novice, Open, Elite
Three qualifying runs in Regular and two in Jumpers and Gamblers for each title. In addition, outstanding or superior (O or S) will be placed in front of title for 10 or 20 Q's at a given level. Tunnelers, Touch and Go and Weavers requires three qualifying scores for Titles. NATCH, NADAC Agility Trial Champion requires 23 Q's in Elite Regular, 12 in Elite Jumpers and 12 in Elite Gamblers. Multiple NATCHs may be acquired. Gambler's rules and titling requirements to change in 2005.

NADAC Titles:
NAC, NJC, NGC ~ (Novice Agility Certificate, Novice Jumpers Certificate, Novice Gamblers Certificate)
OAC, OJC, OGC ~ (Open..same as above)
EAC, EJC, EGC ~ (Elite..same as above)
TN-N, TN-O, TN-E ~ (Novice Tunnelers, Open Tunnelers, Elite Tunnelers)
TG-N, TG-O, TG-E ~ (Novice Touch and Go, Open..Elite)
WV-N, WV-O, WV-E ~ (Novice Weavers, Open..Elite)

NATCH ~ (NADAC Agility Trial Champion)

CPE Levels: 1 through 5
Level 1 requires 2 Q's and 1 Q in each of the games.
Level 2 requires 2 clean Q's or 3 qualifying Q's and 2 qualifying Q's in each game.
Level 3 requires 3 clean Q's or 2 qualifying Q's and 2 qualifying Q's in each game.
Level 4 requires 4 clean Q's or 3 qualifying Q's and 2 qualifying Q's in each game.
Level 5 requires 8 clean Q's or 10 qualifying Q's an 4 qualifying Q's in each game.

CPE titles:
Levels 1 through 4: CL1,CL2,CL3,CL4
Level 5: CATCH CPE Agility Trial Champion
Each level has separate titles for Standard and games..See website for details.

Agility trial championship titles are placed before the dog's name. Other titles are placed after the dogs name.

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